Jude was a musician throughout her early life up to degree/professional level. It was through her studies as a woodwind player and pianist that she began to understand the profound effects posture and breathing can have on the body.


Foregoing a career as a professional woodwind player she opted to go into the music industry and worked in many areas including marketing, production and publishing. It was during this time she discovered her love for anatomy and movement and retrained firstly as a personal trainer but then as a Pilates teacher after realising her passion lay with helping people recover from injury and pain.


Jude has deepened her knowledge with apprenticeships in the Pilates apparatus as well as in-depth courses on functional anatomy, biomechanics and neurobiology. She is trained in Pilates Matwork, Reformer and the Trapeze Table, pre and post-natal Pilates, is a NeuroKinetic Therapy practitioner level 3, has studied trigger point massage and qualified as an Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing coach, she has previously held an ACSM fitness professional qualification and completed the Garuda Foundation Matwork. She continues to improve and build on her knowledge through working with mentors, regular study and her own practise.


Jude has worked with a variety of clients including post operative surgery patients, pre and post natal mothers, spinal injuries, brain injuries, athletes, professional sports individuals as well as people looking to improve their movement, health and wellbeing of all ages and abilities.

Her aim is to provide a calm, friendly and intuitive space in which to help people make a difference in their bodies.