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Body Mind Movement Programme


Are you experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain that no one seems to be able to treat?


Would you like to feel better, move better and become the best version of yourself?


The Body Mind Movement programme has been created for you.


It’s time to stop letting pain control your life.


You may have heard of people who have been in crazy amounts of pain go from barely being able to function to thriving.


You can do it too.


You’re ready to get out of pain if:


  • You’ve tried everything.

  • You feel like nothing works.

  • You’ve lost trust in conventional methods of treatment.

  • You’re ready to try a new approach that encompasses your entire wellbeing – Body. Mind. Movement.


What this programme will give you:


  • A renewed sense of hope about your future.

  • A pain free body, movement and life.

  • More energy and vitality.

  • More head space and time to think about the things that are actually important.

  • Confidence and trust in your body and your ability to heal.

  • You’ll be able to get back to doing the things you love.

  • Change of attitude to pain – it will no longer be something you fear.

  • No more restrictions or time off due to pain.

  • Become more present in your life and with your loved ones.

  • More strength, mobility and freedom of movement.

  • A completely new mindset and sense of well being.


What You’ll get:


This is an 8 week programme that includes:


  • An introductory 90 min assessment including a full health and lifestyle history as well as a series of movement, gait, postural and breathing assessments.

  • 1 x hour long movement session each week with Jude, either online or in-person depending on your location.

  • 4 x 45 minute class / videos including a class for the basics / stretch & release / strength & mobility / flow.

  • Personalised sweat/cardio programme.

  • 2 x relaxation / body scans to aid sleep and healing, combat stress, anxiety, and create a sense wellness and calm.

  • Weekly guides and videos created by Jude on sleep, breathing, breathing techniques, core stability and alignment, nutrition and recipes, mindset, goalsetting, and meditation.

  • Weekly worksheets/exercises on journaling, gratitude, meditation, goal setting and self care all of which will help you on your journey for healing from pain.


Over the course of 8 weeks we will address your pain, where it is, why it’s there, how it got there and build a plan that will help you to get out of pain.


You will learn to realign your body, create good core and spinal stability, better postural and movement patterns which will help you to move well and feel amazing.


We’ll look at healthy lifestyle habits you may not have considered that will improve your overall health, wellbeing and mind.


This is about empowering you and giving you the tools to help change your body, your mindset and how you feel about yourself!


Schedule a call with Jude to discuss.

'I never thought I would be back in the gym deadlfting but thanks to you I am. To think 18 months ago I was considering surgery.' Rachel. M

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