Body Mind Movement Programme

for healing from back pain

Welcome to The Body Mind Movement online programme for healing from back pain.


Are you experiencing chronic, musculoskeletal, back pain? Would you like to move without pain, feel better and become the best version of yourself?


The Body Mind Movement programme for healing from back pain has been created for you!

During this online programme, over the next 4 weeks, you will be given life long techniques to address your back pain, move better and feel amazing. You will learn to realign your body, create good core and spinal stability as well as better postural and movement patterns. You will look at healthy lifestyle habits such as sleep, nutrition and mind work that will improve your overall health, and wellbeing.​

The 4 week, online programme includes:

  • Video library with over 40 exercises.

  • Weekly exercises to help you gain strength, stability, flexibility and mobility.

  • 4 x 30+ minute class videos including: Introduction to the basics, two flows combining all the exercises in the programme plus a stretch and release class.

  • 1 x 25 minute bespoke audio relaxation/body scan for releasing muscle tension, calming the body and the mind, improve sleep, aid healing and combat stress and anxiety.

  • Weekly written guides and videos created by Jude on breathing, core stability, alignment, sleep, nutrition and recipes, mindset, goal setting, core beliefs and gratitude.

  • Worksheet series for the above guides on gratitude journaling, sleep journal, core beliefs and goal setting all of which will help you on your journey for healing from pain.

Please take the course, lesson by lesson, week by week. 

The exercises each week have been designed to do either every day or every other day, the class can be taken once or twice a week, towards the end of the week, depending on how you feel. This will build up your strength, stability, flexibility and mobility. 

The guides and body scan are to help address your body through nutrition and quality sleep, calming and re-storing your nervous system using the body scan relaxation, and your mind through looking at your thought patterns, feelings and emotions around back pain.

Every single part of the programme has been designed to help you recover from back pain in every way - body, mind and movement. 

To get started, all you need is a mat, somewhere you can comfortably lie on the floor, move and see your computer so you can work alongside the exercises.


This is about empowering you and giving you the tools to help change your body, your mindset and how you feel about yourself!

Cost: £49

'I never thought I would be back in the gym deadlifting but thanks to you I am. To think 18 months ago I was considering surgery.' Rachel. M