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Group Classes: Karma Studios, Surrey House, Surrey Road, West Wickham BR4 0JU, Kent, UK

Private Sessions:  George Lane, Hayes, Bromley



As part of our Pilates sessions and full assessments we offer the option of using NeuroKinetic Therapy® or NKT for short. It can also be utilised within its own session.

NKT is a powerful assessment and corrective system that uses manual muscles tests, release techniques and specific exercises to stimulate the mind-body connection to resolve pain, injury and stress, restore pain free motion and eliminate compensation patterns within the body.

Using the specific NKT protocol, we can help:

Lower back pain

Shoulder problems

Core stability weakness

Pelvic floor issues

Breathing dysfunction

Sports performance

Postural imbalances

All sessions last 1 hour. Please enquire for further details.




Single session: £50

2 sessions: £95

5 sessions: £237