One-to-One Sessions


One-to-One sessions are hugely beneficial and are ideal for the following areas in particular: 


Back pain management

Injury rehabilitation

Postural correction

Pre & post-natal, including diastasis recti correction 

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Women's health 

New to Pilates using the larger equipment

Stress management and anxiety relief

Accelerating your results


All sessions are designed specifically around you and your body.


Sessions involve a combination of Pilates using the reformer, trapeze table and small props, breathing techniques to improve core stability and posture, corrective assessments and exercise strategies, as well as as manual muscle testing using NeuroKinetic Therapy.


You can expect to build good core and spinal stability, improve breathing/diaphragm function, gain more mobility, stability and strength, which in turn will create better movement patterns, posture and alignment. All of this will help bring your body into a more natural state which will help you to move better and reduce pain and injury.

All sessions last 1 hour. 

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One Private Session -  £55

This option is ideal if you're not sure where to start and want to try a personalised session or would like a top up session after the introductory package.

3 week introductory package (to be used within 5 weeks) - £155


We offer a 3 week introductory package which is a great way to get started and recommended if you have a specific issue you would like to address.

5 week block (to be used within 8 weeks) - £249

Following on from the 3 week introductory package, you can then move on to 5 week blocks - this is an ideal way of continuing to build on what we cover in the first 3 weeks.

Direct Debit

For those who are interested in doing a regular weekly session there is a direct debit option - please enquire for details. 



All bookings must be paid for prior to your first session or before each block. 


Payments made by PayPal or bank transfer

24 hours notice is required to cancel a session by phone or email or the full session fee will be charged.

Please get in touch for further details on location.