Pilates Teacher | Matwork & Studio | NeuroKinetic Therapy Practitioner

Jude Hirschheimer is the founder of JK Pilates.


She originally began her professional career in the record industry, and worked for two well known independent record companies. After 5 years, she decided to leave the music industry, retrain as a personal trainer and work and travel abroad for a year. Once back in the UK she began working for a leading health club in Beckenham, Kent.

It was during her time as a personal trainer that she began her Pilates training, qualifying as a Pilates Matwork teacher with Body Control Pilates in 2008.

After completing a Pilates Reformer course and Pilates Cadillac apprenticeship with Ellie Ioannaidou at the Trevor Blount Studio in South Kensington, she set up several group matwork classes within Karma Studios, located in West Wickham, Kent. She has recently moved her private apparatus studio to Hayes in Bromley. 

Jude is a NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2 Practitioner and has recently taken the NKT Level 3 course. She has also attended the Immaculate Dissection: Core Concepts, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity and Neck, Jaw, Hand & Foot and Anatomy of Movement Subsytems courses.  She has a special interest in Neuroanatomy and Neurosicence and is currently taking courses in both. All of the above have given her a more in depth approach to anatomy, corrective assessments and diagnostic testing which in turn helps her to prescribe the appropriate exercises and movement strategies for each client.

Jude has worked with wide range of clients including athletes, sports professionals, mums pre and post-natal, back care and post-operative spinal patients, as well as people looking for general fitness and wellbeing of all ages and abilities.

Her aim is to provide a calm and friendly environment in which to learn the Pilates method, to help people move better, feel stronger and more confident about their bodies as safely and as quickly as possible.

07545 618745

Group Classes: Karma Studios, Surrey House, Surrey Road, West Wickham BR4 0JU, Kent, UK

Private Sessions:  George Lane, Hayes, Bromley