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The Trapeze Table

Today I wanted to write a little bit about one of the original pieces of Pilates equipment, the Trapeze Table aka, Cadillac.

On first glance it looks a like a Medieval instrument of torture and anyone who has walked passed the JK Pilates studio and seen our 'Caddy', has commented on its size and stature.

It's scary looking I know, but once you're on there and you begin the exercises, I guarantee it will become your most favourite way to learn the Pilates method!

There's a huge variety of exercises that can be performed on the Cadillac, from gentle, spring-assisted sit-ups to the really crazy advanced acrobatic stuff, it really does offer exercises for all ages, levels and abilities.

The reason I love it so much is it enables most people to perform the exercises from the Pilates repertoire, even the more challenging exercises - this is the very reason Joseph Pilates invented the Cadillac. The springs you can see in the picture offer resistance of varying degrees which will help strengthen and lengthen the body, keep it stable and assist in the exercise you're trying to perform.

Once your body adapts to an exercise and you become stronger and more stable, the spring tension can be reduced and therefore your body is doing more of the work. You then become even stronger and more stable so that eventually you can perform the exercises without the assistance of the equipment, as in the original matwork.

There are over eighty exercises for the Cadillac, so along with the repertoire for the Reformer and the matwork, it means that we can create a balanced yet challening programme for any client who wants to learn the Pilates method.

Why don't you come and have a try!

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