New Year, New Dreams

I always use these last few days in December to reflect on the past year and spend some time writing down goals and things I want to achieve for the year ahead. This could be anything from 'reading more books' to 'doing more Pilates!' to 'enrolling on an important course'.

It's a real eye opener to read back through what I wrote for the year just past and amazingly, even some of the pie in the sky stuff did happen.

I then do it all again for the new year ahead. I truly believe it helps to write your goals down, however big or small they may be, not only to help solidify them in your mind, but to give yourself a little bit of direction and inspiration for the year ahead. Whether it's in your career or your personal life, even if you think some of it's a crazy dream at the moment, write it down!! One thing I'll tell you about that I wrote down last year was that I wanted to buy a house. At that time it was looking like an impossibility, but I kept picturing it and thinking about it in my quieter moments, and amazingly, albeit through a lot of hard work, determination and a little bit of right place, right time, good old fashioned luck.... it happened.

So I encourage you to write down some goals for 2018, something you want to achieve, however big, small or crazy, skyscraper huge, write it down! Read the list through and really think about each goal for a little while, then put the list away, somewhere safe, add to it if you like over the year or leave it. Then, take it out at the end of next year and see what happened. You may, like me, be pleasantly surprised!

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2018. I hope you all have a wonderful year with lots of laughter, love and of course Pilates!

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