New Year Offer!

We are now offering an in-depth initial assessment as part of our private studio sessions.

This is ideal for absolutely anyone interested in a full ‘MOT’, but is especially beneficial for those with an injury, suffering from musculoskeletal pain or have alignment/postural issues.

During this 1 & 1/2 hour long session, we will go through your health history in detail, carry out in-depth postural, gait and breathing assessments, as well as use a series of manual muscle tests to ascertain any dysfunctional muscle/movement patterns.

We will then use a series of release techniques and go through specific Pilates exercises to help any issues we find.

For the final part, we will discuss the results with you and give you a personnalised programme to do at home or incorporate into your sessions.*

*Available Monday - Friday daytime only. Please enquire for more details on booking and availability.

Full Assessment - Introductory Offer: £65 (1 & 1/12 hours)​.

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