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Move Everyday....

As someone with a lower back condition I know how much movement helps with my pain. I try and move a lot in my day in anyway I can. A saying I hear a lot is your vibe attracts your tribe. I teach a lot of people with back pain which makes sense. I like to think I bring my own personal experience as well as the knowledge I’ve acquired along the way to help get people out of pain as much as possible. Did you know there have been several studies made recently on the best approach for back pain and often meds, injections, MRIs or surgery aren’t always the best solution. What does seem to help (for most) is to find a long term strategy to manage the pain and the stress it can cause. Time is one of the biggest factors in pain management, there is no quick fix option that you can maintain long term. As frustrating as it can be you have to constantly and consistently manage it to keep it under control, the flare ups that happen along the way, often without reason, they too lose their intensity with time. Other factors that help as I’ve mentioned are moving well, I know from experience in my teaching and managing my own pain this is so very important. Also having the opportunity to de-stress and talk about pain related symptoms. So many people I teach say the hour they come to the studio is their only hour for themselves, which is so great as you combine so many of the above factors. Not only does it have positive affects on the body but also the mind, and doing it regularly can work wonders. As Joe Pilates once said.. ‘Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.’ How right he was.  #pilatesforrehab 

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