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Do You Have Tightness In Your Thoracic Spine? It Could Be Linked To Your Diaphragm!

Do you have tightness in your thoracic spine? It could be linked to your diaphragm!

The diaphragm is the main muscle involved in breathing. Within the diaphragm there are three hiatuses (fancy word for space!) that allow three important structures to run through it at different levels, these correspond to points on the thoracic spine. The inferior vena cava runs through the diaphragm at the level of T8, the oesophagus at T10 and the aorta at T12.

You can check if there is restriction around these hiatuses / structures by using a foam roller at these points on your spine. It’s one of the first assessments I’ll use with a new client!

In the video, maybe you can see that I’m quite restricted around T12, I can’t go as far and it’s not as easy to move back as the higher points.

Releasing tightness around and within the diaphragm through specific breathing drills and exercises can improve restriction around these structures/hiatuses - in turn it can increase movement in your thoracic spine and can also help issues such as reflux, poor circulation to the legs, high pulse rate and in some cases, can even lower blood pressure.

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