Every Thought You Think Creates Your Future

My little boy said these words to me yesterday.

I think he’s pretty switched on for his age, he listens to affirmations every night to help him sleep, journals most days, especially when he’s struggling with thoughts and emotions.

The reason this came up was because we were discussing the idea that what we do now, will have an impact on how we are tomorrow, next week and in the future.

This was in terms of learning in all forms - from school work to movement to doing things that might scare you because you haven’t done them before.

We went on to talk about our thoughts. If you think you can’t do something, or that you’re going to do it wrong or badly, those thoughts can lead to you believe you can’t do it or it’s not worth it and give up, or not even start.

I explained that everything takes time, practise and consistency. Going through the struggle and strain is part of the process and that no one becomes good at something overnight.

This is the moment he said: every thought you think, creates your future.

Exactly right!

So if you’re struggling with something, try and flip the script in your head, from I can’t or I won’t or what if it doesn’t work, to I can, I’ll try and it will work.

Future you will thank you for it!



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