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How does Pilates benefit me?

Someone asked me the other day what Pilates and movement means to me. How does it benefit me.

As many of you know I have a lower back condition which at times can get stiff, achey and I’ll have painful flare ups.

Pilates, movement and breath-work help me manage my condition and pain so that I’m able to keep moving throughout the day, work pretty solidly which involves a lot of demo’ing and do some pretty full on strength / cardio training.

How? The breath-work helps me optimise my intrinsic core system, building good intra-abdominal pressure through diaphragmatic breathing is (for me) the foundation for spinal and core stability. Pilates and corrective exercise re-balance my body, build stability, flexibility, strength and control. I’ll start with breathing, then add in simple exercises, often specific corrective strategies, working towards the more complex Pilates work when it feels right.

Some days it’s purely breathing and stability work, other days it’s everything. That’s the power, it’s so versatile, you can dial it back when you need or do the big stuff when you’re feeling ok.

All of it gives me the ability to move in my everyday with less pain, more ease and in what feels like a strong and balanced body.

Thought I’d share. Happy Sunday! ☺️

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