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Inspiration over Intimidation


In the @evolveachievethrive podcast this week we talk about inspiration over intimidation.

I’m always very aware of how it must feel for a new client to come to their first class or session. It’s a new space, with new people and they are potentially learning something they’ve never experienced before. It can be daunting or even feel intimidating to take that first step.

I know that feeling well and I’ve been in that situation many times myself. However, it’s helped me to realise there’s a process and a journey to becoming proficient at something.

I have a back condition that can be incredibly painful and restrictive, but from years of learning and practising movement, I understand the process. On a good day I can do martial arts, the movement in the pic, whatever I’m inspired by, provided I practise, start slowly and build up to whatever I’m aiming for. On a bad day, the limit might be breathing with my legs up and just moving without pain.

I think sometimes it can feel frustrating or intimidating to see someone able to do something that feels out of our reach, but if we try to reframe this and be inspired by that possibility instead (I say this for myself too!) that can help.

Healing, working towards a goal or learning something new isn’t linear, it’s messy, full of ups and downs and takes time. What’s often seen as inspirational is a highlight of this process.

If we can relate to this process and become inspired by it, knowing there is something higher to aim for, can help us to become proficient at anything we choose.

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