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Journaling, Bedtime Routine and Sleep

This is my journal.

I’m a big fan of anything moon related so this seemed very fitting!

I bought it recently as a gift and a promise to myself to journal every night as part of my bedtime routine.

There’s alot about journaling and mental health out there at the moment and I’m no expert but I thought I’d write about why I do it.

For me it’s about writing over scrolling or screen time and doing it as part of a night routine that will give me the best chance of a good night’s sleep.

There’s something about the physical act of putting pen to paper, especially as for the most part, when I write, it’s mainly by looking and tapping at a screen.

The science says it’s pretty powerful, it can help your memory, creativity and learning, it slows you down and helps you to process/clarify your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Writing every night definitely helps me to get my thoughts out of my head, make sense of them, process my day, being really honest with how I feel emotionally and decompressing from it all.

It’s also about signalling to my body and mind that this is my wind down time.

I was so erratic with journaling before but recently as I’ve become more committed and made it a bit of a ritual, I look forward to it now.

I follow journaling with reading, then I listen to a meditation or binaural beats (which I love!) and then sleep.

My sleep is definitely better for it which helps me in every other aspect of life!

Do you journal?

If you’re interested, my journal is from @magic_of_i

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