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Reformer Work for Injuries and Back Pain

💫Reformer work for injuries and back pain.

Knee Stretch is a great exercise to build up to when you are working with an injury or back pain issue. I like to do a slow version and see it as a combination of cat stretch and a plank while moving with resistance.

The reason we build up to it, like much of the repertoire, it can be confusing and pretty challenging. The sensation of trying to keep your upper body aligned, your arms anchored into the bar, the spine starts in flexion but then becomes more neutral, while pressing your legs away, *plus* you’re on a moving machine, with resistance, all while breathing and trying to stay controlled, can be system overload, let alone if you have an injury!

So for anyone thinking of starting Pilates to help rehab an injury or back issue, this is what we are building up to, once you have the stability and control and are used to moving, we then apply the movement to the reformer which challenges you even more! 🤍

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