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Small Wins. Big Mind Body Shifts.

Small wins: My first run, post Covid (which I got in July) that felt strong.

I took this picture earlier today and while it’s not the most inspiring photo it represents a really big achievement for me.

I’m no runner but I have always loved running and it was part of the movement I’d do every week.

This was my first run after getting Covid in July that felt strong, where I felt my body was capable of doing it and I wasn’t questioning whether I could manage the whole route or needed to stop, which I have in past attempts.

It was the first time I didn’t feel worried about my body feeling overworked and where each step felt better than the last and I dropped into that running rhythm that I haven’t felt in so long.

It’s sounds like a small win but it’s a huge mind and body shift for me.

Thought I’d share!

Is there anything you’ve achieved recently that felt like a big step forward? I’d love to know! ✨🤍

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