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I say this to my little boy all the time when he’s struggling with his music practise.

Practicing for half an hour is out of his reach at the moment and the very thought sends him into a meltdown.

Even as an adult I completely understand and empathise, all that time stretched out in front of you to try and accomplish something is overwhelming.

So I always say to him start with one.

1 chord, 1 scale or 1 minute of practise and see how that goes. Do it everyday until you’re ready to do more.

That bite sized concept means that he will practise.

I think the same can be applied to anyone making a change in their life, so from my point of view as a movement teacher, whether it’s moving more or doing exercises set to help your body move better, the best way to start is to start with one!

1 minute of breathing. 1 knee fold. 1 push up. 1 lunge. 1 minute of walking and see what happens. Whatever it is the important thing is to start and stay doing one until you’re ready to do more.

If you stop, don’t worry, you haven’t failed, start again, and again and again until maybe that one becomes more and before you know it you’ve created a habit and before you know it change has happened. On the flip side if you continue with just one that’s ok too because one is better than none, the key is to start!

You might find that once you get things going it might become self sustaining and who knows, one can turn into great things.

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