I’ve had a shoulder injury for 5 years. I have seen Drs and physios and had treatment, but nothing really seemed to work long term and once the cortisone injection wore off it was back to square one. I’d gotten to the point I just accepted it was something I had to live with even though it really impacted on my daily life.

But then I saw Jude. A load of testing later Jude diagnosed a 3cm diastasis, and a TVA that was unable to work properly due to scar tissue from surgery 8 years ago - as a consequence my back muscles were taking the strain trying to compensate for my shot to pieces core. I was unable to breathe properly, and some of my neck and shoulder muscles were doing jobs they shouldn’t because they were trying to compensate for all these other issues. They were tired and sore, hence the permanent shoulder pain.

My work with Jude has largely focused on trying to fix my core. 8 sessions later my diastasis is down to 1/2 a cm when relaxed and completely closed when engaged. My core feels immeasurably stronger, and it feels like I have more control of my whole body as a result. I can do yoga pain free and the pain in my shoulder is diminishing slowly but surely. I feel like I can actually move it properly now. 

I still can’t quite believe that a shoulder problem was actually a core problem but now that i’ve had it explained by Jude it makes sense. I am so grateful for her knowledge and expertise, it’s no exaggeration to say she has succeeded where all other treatments have failed.

Helen. B

"Brilliant, brilliant......my back and shoulder problems have improved. Most importantly my driving posture is better aligned which make my long drives so much more comfortable. Highly recommended."

Sara. L

"I have been going to Jude's class for a few months now, she has really helped me with my flexibility and core strength, a great class and a great teacher, she understands your limits, and in her calming way, helps you achieve your goals."

Debbie. C

"Jude is a brilliant teacher, highly experienced and the qualities that she brings to every session make Pilates a joy to do. She has the ability to adapt exercises to suit individual needs. I originally started Pilates to ease my back pain caused by a prolapsed disc. Her teaching helped alot with my flexibility and back problems. Each session leaves me feeling refreshed, stretched and pain free"

Didem. C

"Am certainly put through my paces by this thoroughly professional instructor. Before we got going, a slightly sceptical me surrendered all the health information she gently extracted from me before a programme was designed for my specific issues. Each session built from a gentle warm up through to more challenging movements- all done in the calm and encouraging atmosphere she created.  She’s patient, she’s interested, she’s fun and she’s switched on my inner core to come to the fore!"

Jo. L

I had a back operation 3 years ago and was struggling to fully recover from it. I was really nervous about starting to exercise again, I was terrified that I would hurt it again. I finally booked a 1-2-1 session with Jude, during which she made me feel SO much more confident about what I could actually do. I signed up for a regular beginners class and loved it. Within a few weeks I felt confident enough to move to a mixed ability class and now, a year later, I rarely even think about my back anymore, no twinges or aches and pains. Jude is great, the classes are really friendly and everyone can work at their own level. Highly recommended.

Michelle. B

"I've been having reformer pilates training with Jude for just over a month now and I love it. She is a fantastic teacher, clearly explains or shows me the moves, makes it fun and it just gets better and better week after week. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their flexibility, strength and stay fit. She is also great at helping me stretch out my muscles and fix the doms after my crossfit training on a Sunday which is just an added bonus."

Sam. L

"I've been doing Pilates for over 10 years now and with Jude for half of those. Hands down, she is the best Pilates instructor I've ever had. We've been doing one to one sessions firstly to prep for my wedding, then in prep for my first baby, then post-natal after that (to recover), prep for second baby and post-natal after that too. Jude has got me through each of those life changing phases with professionalism, patience and most of all, laughter. I would highly recommend her to anyone whether starting out or an experienced "Pilater"."

Dana. G

"Jude is an excellent Pilates teacher because her classes are well structured and she explains and demonstrates each move clearly and carefully. She is also able to adapt any exercise to the individual needs of each member of her class. I have benefited greatly from attending her classes."

Elizabeth. R