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4 things I do to manage my back pain.

4 things I do to manage my lower back pain.

1. Sleep

Sleep is so important when dealing with back pain. Getting enough quality sleep aids in the repair and recovery of muscle tissue, reduces inflammation and stress which can certainly exacerbate my back pain. I’m pretty strict with my night routine, the time I go to bed and get up all of which helps to give me those quality 8 hours.

2. Movement

Gentle movement works best for me, walking over running, Pilates of course but ensuring I do exercises that don’t cause pain, weights but nothing too heavy. Being very consistent with how often I move, I aim for everyday in some way if I can.

3. Nutrition

What I eat has a big effect on my pain levels, if I don’t hydrate and eat processed food it has a knock effect onto everything else. I sleep badly, I can’t be bothered to move, I feel terrible and it can worsen my pain so I opt for home-made meals made from scratch, lots of protein, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and I limit the amount of sugar, refined carbs and unhealthy fats (vegetable oils) I have.

4. Support

Having the support of friends and family as well as a regular session or treatment with a consultant, movement specialist or therapist can be a huge help in back pain management. For me I’ve found a combination of physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy, nutrition and herbal treatment have really helped but finding what works for you is key.

If you’re dealing with back pain, what do you find helpful?

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