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If you want an extraordinary life, you have to do extraordinary things!

If you want an extraordinary life, you have to do extraordinary things.

By this I don’t mean you have to learn how to fly, although that would be awesome!

I looked up the meaning and it said, ‘going beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established.’

What might that look like?

It could be about the micro adjustments, the little changes we can work on everyday that help us build up to the big changes.

Or about moving forward, however slowly, showing up and doing the work consistently.

But it’s also about knowing when to stop, maybe change tack or just rest.

It could be about questioning your limiting beliefs, the ones that hold you back, and keep you from living the life you want. Know that they are not the whole story and you can change them.

This could mean sitting with the uncomfortable feelings, the ones we try to ignore. Let them bubble up and observe them, every thought, every memory and every emotion that comes with them. Then work on letting them go.

It could be about having those big conversations. The meaningful ones and the difficult ones, both are there to help you go beyond and progress.

It could be about taking that leap. Without yours, or other people’s fear stopping you.

It could be about trust.

Or being honest.

Showing your vulnerability.

It’s whatever it means to you to be extraordinary.

Because most of all, it’s about you.

Keep going, you got this.

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