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What is functional movement?

What is functional movement?

I teach functional movement in most of my classes and sessions, but what does that term actually mean?

To me, it’s movement we do in everyday life, and the baseline of movement we need to function well. It has also been described as movements that involve pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, hinging, bends, twists and walking.

Incorporating functional training into your movement practise can help minimise asymmetries and imbalances within the body, improve stability, strength and mobility, which can help you to perform everyday movements better.

In my own workouts I like to use whatever I have to hand - weights, bands, a bench, stairs - anything where I can play about with exercises combining the movements above.

In online classes and sessions, my clients might not always have access to equipment, so we get creative using body weight based exercises in a range of different positions.

If you’d like to know more about functional movement or about sessions and classes, please get in touch. ☺️

Photo: @annamoodyphotography

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