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It’s ok to prioritise rest

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

It's ok to prioritise rest. It's ok to schedule it into your week like you would a workout.

Finding balance between rest and everything else, that works for you, is key.

Otherwise your body will find ways of making you rest.

As much as I talk about the importance of movement, rest is up there too, and I say this for myself as much as I say it here and to my clients during sessions.

Adding in time to rest might not be that easy, we all have so much to do or we feel like we should always be doing, but sometimes it’s ok not to do everything.

It’s ok to give yourself permission to rest, it’s ok to stay home and do nothing or dial down how much you are supposed to do.

Our body is so intuitive and it will find ways of making us rest if we don’t listen to the feedback it’s giving us.

Listen to your body, rather thinking about pushing on, tune in and let it guide you. ✨🤍

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