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One of the initial assessments I get a new client to do in their first session is a multi segmental flexion test or toe touch.

This is an important test as it’s all about load share throughout the entire body and can tell me a lot about why someone might be feeling pain or restriction.

What I’m looking for when someone does MSF is a nice even curve throughout the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, the hips flex, the legs are straight without the knees locking out, there’s good balance through the feet, the shoulders are relaxed and the arms hang downwards towards the feet.

If one of the above points isn’t functioning as it should, for example the lumbar might not flex as much as it should, the thoracic might flex too much or the cervical neck area might not flex at all but instead be in extension, this can give me so much information and a starting point.

We can create good multi segmental flexion by working on building solid intrinsic core and spinal stability, aligning our centre of mass and creating proper load sharing between the above points. When this happens posture, gait and movement all greatly improve and can help alleviate pain and stiffness.

For more information on my full assessments and 1:1 sessions, please get in touch.

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